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Ceramics by Liz "Lizard" Caputo strive to engage people with their environments thoughtfully and elegantly, enhancing the spaces where they live by provoking awareness and delight. Each piece is individually crafted with the intent of starting a conversation.

During their development process, Liz Caputo Ceramics strike a unique balance between intention and improvisation, drawing inspiration from nature, modernity, and Liz's own personal aesthetic, which she translates through her work. 

As a designer and maker, Liz uses her craft as a language to communicate with and build the community around her. Each piece is created by hand and speaks through its individual form, earthy glazing, and seamless functionality. ​

Liz Caputo Ceramics are Brooklyn born, locally loved, and globally sold.

Images courtesy of Taylour Oney Photography

& Emily Galvin Photography

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